Tell people what you do.

If you can tell people what you do with confidence and clarity

You can grow your team, attract new clients and grow your business.

Many women who work from home find it difficult to tell people exactly what they do.   They struggle with using the right words or phrases that tells people what problem they solve and find themselves babbling to a group of people, who then walk away with no idea how you could help them.

Knowing your stuff is paramount to be a successful speaker, however being able to tell people what you do with confidence and clarity means that you do not have to be nervous about facing a group of people to tell them what you do.   You will be able to network like a queen, do presentations that have people lining up to talk to you, and events will become a doddle.

Don't say what everyone else says when you are asked what you do.   Don't say "I sell ******, or I am a make up consultant.   Find something that will make people remember you and go away knowing that you are the person they want to buy from or even work with.

If you need to build a team, then you need to know how to explain to people what you do so that you can pass on this amazing help to your team members.   Supporting your team to stand up and speak to a group of people or a party will ensure that they do their best to make money for themselves and for you.   You will have the most loyal team that will want to work with you and make money for you.

Take the time to work out exactly what it is you do and then tell people what you do.   Not your job description, but what you actually do.   People buy the solution to the problem, you need to tell them what their problem is and then how you can solve it.