Speak with confidence and go from ‘Terror to Triumph’

Are you a woman who runs a small business and you want to speak with confidence?  When you attend an event and have to tell people what you do, do you run for cover because the thought of standing up and speaking in front of a group of people is just too scary?   Do you want to speak at conferences, deliver video or webinars and need to get through the stress and nerves?

Overcome fear of public speaking and speak with confidence

I am a public speaking coach. I help women who run small businesses; I show them how to overcome the fear of public speaking, to find their voice and tell their story and speak with confidence

If you get anxious about running webinars, presentations, seminars or speaking at conferences, I can help you let go of the fear holding you back. I understand your anxieties and terrors, the sweaty palms and stomach churning moments before you speak in public, and I hold the proven techniques to show you how to let go and speak with confidence.

Most people I speak to are terrified of this aspect of their business. But speaking when networking and presenting to potential funders or clients, is vital for your success. The fact is – you need to learn how to do it.
I can show you how to overcome the fear of public speaking and speak with confidence.  I will show you how to tell your story and be confident and triumphant at presentations, webinars, conferences, running seminars and speaking in public.

Public speaking coaching – what will you gain?

  • Get access to all the proven tips and tricks needed to become a confident speaker
    Be able to present a compelling message about what you do
    Change your mindset from ‘Hate’ speaking to ‘Love’ speaking
    Be able to use language you are comfortable with, that comes from the heart
    Speak at any event with true pizazz! Stand up and shout out to the world about what you do!

So why not Get in Touch for an initial chat; it will cost you absolutely nothing! We can work together to find the best way to find your voice, overcome your fear of public speaking and become a confident speaker.

speak with confidence

Any guide to success in an endeavor will tell you that there is no magic formula to success.  But in a lot of fields of endeavor, there seem to be “insider secrets”.  And taking on the challenge of becoming a truly great public speaker is a noble ambition.  But if you could learn the insider secret that makes the difference between good public speakers and great ones, that would help you make that transition.

Actually, there is one great secret to what makes speakers that really shine in front of a group so great.  But it isn’t magic or something that you can take a pill and an hour later, presto, you are ready to stand up and dazzle the crowd.  It is a very simple process that is something you already know a lot about.  It is just simple, old-fashioned hard work and preparation.

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