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Be a better speaker. Learn how to speak in public with Confidence and Clarity.

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Speak with confidence Coaching

If you hate speaking in public, find out how to discover your voice and manage the nerves. Speak with Confidence and tell the world what you do. coaching in all online and offline speaking to help you grow your business.

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The Expert Speaker

I speak at events, presentations, online telesummits and podcasts. Hear my story, or let me tell yours.

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The Super 60 second Business Intro Pitch

Enjoy networking by getting your 60-second business pitch perfect. Learn the elements needed to go into a great pitch and attract the clients you want to work with and who want to work with you.

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What other say

Although an experienced trainer and speaker, I have found working with Bev enormously helpful. There is always something new to learn and for me this has been about breathing and voice projection. It is a real pleasure to work with Bev, not just because of her enormous experience, but because she makes learning fun and practical. What I have learnt has had spin-offs in many ways outside of just speaking. I have made progress as a result, which I can to put to good use in my work and speech competitions. Rosie Barfoot

Hi Bev thank you for coming to my home this morning and enabling me to talk with passion about my Interior Design business. I did not expect creating my elevator pitch to be such fun, you were friendly and made me feel at ease, more confident and empowered. Catherine Crosby

Hi Bev Hi Ladies my name is Yvonne Bruce and I am the owner of ‘Try Therapy for Women’ and I can’t praise Bev highly enough, she has completely changed the way I tell people what I do!! Before working with Bev I had little or no idea of how to tell people what I do, people would ask “So what do you do?” and they’d usually glaze over by the time I’d tried to explain. Within a few minutes of chatting to Bev she had clarified and drilled down. to what I actually do when I work with women. She is friendly, helpful, knowledgeable, supportive and very good at what she does, threading practice throughout the whole consultation by periodically asking “So what do you do?”. By the end of the session I felt sure that in future when people ask “So what do you do?” I can reply “I help Women who feel a bit stuck, women who feel like life has lost some of its sparkle. I am an expert at using a mixture of Physical, Emotional and Transformational Therapies. I can help transform you into the confident and self-assured person you want to be. I shall certainly be doing more work with Bev in the future, and urge anyone who is struggling with their ‘Elevator Pitch’ to contact here A.S.A.P Yvonne Bruce

Being a shy, unconfident and mouse type person, the thought of standing up and speaking in front of strangers filled me with utmost fear and dread. It was suggested to take Bev’s workshop on Public Speaking. Well, I am so glad I did. Not only is this woman so warm and caring, she makes everything so fun to learn! Bev made the day very informal, fun and extremely understandable. I learnt how to banish my fears, to project my voice to be heard and also how to show my passion in my voice. This workshop is a definite must for anyone who would like to be able to speak publicly without nerve wracking fear. I recently put all that id learnt from Bev into practise during a recent presentation that I delivered to a large group of people about the Training Job that I currently do at Spectrum Housing Group. I delivered it with passion, clarity and loud enough so everyone could hear. This workshop is a must!! Michelle Hacket